Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein

Top Vegan Sources for Protein

Nuts, fruit, vegetables, grains and seeds have proteins. Here is a table of ingredients with the highest rank in vegan protein.

Alfalfa Sprouts½ cup14 grams
Artichoke Hearts½ cup4 grams
Asparagus1 cup3 grams
Black Beans½ cup8 grams
Black-Eyed Peas½ cup8 grams
Broccoli1 cup4 grams
Brussels Sprouts1 cup3 grams
Chickpeas½ cup7 grams
Corn1 cup4 grams


Edamame½ cup8 grams
Green Beans1 cup8 grams
Kale, uncooked1 cup4 grams
Kidney Beans½ cup8 grams
Lentils, cooked½ cup9 grams
Mushrooms, uncooked1 cup4 grams
Peas1 cup8 grams
Pinto Beans½ cup8 grams
Potatoes1 cup4 grams
Soy Milk1 cup8 grams
Spinach, uncooked1 cup5 grams
Sun-Dried Tomatoes½ cup3 grams
Sweet Potato1 cup5 grams
Tempeh½ cup10 grams
Tofu½ cup10 grams
TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein), cookedAlmonds11 grams
Amaranth1 cup7 grams
Buckwheat, uncooked1 cup6 grams
Oats, uncooked1 cup6 grams
Seitan, cooked1 cup30 grams
Sprouted Grain Bread2 slices10 grams
Teff1 cup14 grams
Wild Rice, cooked1 cup7 grams
Almond Butter2 tablespoons7 grams
Almonds1 cup7 grams
Cashews¼ cup10 grams
Chia Seeds2 tablespoons5 grams
Hemp Milk1 cup5 grams
Hempseed2 tablespoons8 grams
Peanut Butter2 tablespoons8 grams
Peanuts¼ cup9 grams 
Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)¼ cup8 grams 
Pistachios¼ cup6 grams 
Quinoa1 cup8 grams 
Tahini2 tablespoons8 grams 
Walnuts½ cup6 grams 
Spirulina2 tablespoons4 grams
Nutritional Yeast2 tablespoons8 grams 

Now why not head to our list of delicious and flavorful vegan recipes and cook something for yourself or the whole family to stay strong and healthy.

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