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Vegan Celebs, Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Vegan.

part 3… Vegan Celebs

Joaquin Phoenix
Our first on the vegan celebs list is This Oscar-nominated actor, born in Puerto Rico to eco-conscious parents (his siblings were all given earthly names like   River, Rain and Summer, and Joaquin changed his name from Leaf) who raised their brood as vegans. Joaquin was offered several big commercial breaks in adverts for meat and milk products when he started his career, but turned them down. Lo and behold, the talented actor by-passed the cheesy commercial world entirely. Phoenix has been a vegetarian nearly his entire life, starting at age 3. He said he has a vivid memory of being on a fishing trip with his family, and being horrified when they caught and killed the fish. “We said, ‘Why didn’t you tell us that’s where meat came from?’ And my mom didn’t know what to say. I feel like I have this memory of seeing her crying,” he told Cover Media. Now, he’s a world-famous movie star, still a vegan, and an ambassador for animal cruelty prevention charity, PETA.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez says that going vegan has given her loads of energy. “It’s basically no dairy, no meat, everything is just plant based and just from the ground. I love that I’m eating more greens. It makes you feel so much better.”
J-Lo said she’d recommend it, but has one regret: “Butter is the one thing I miss! Butter makes everything taste better.”

The Black Eyed Peas hit maker, Will.I.AM went Vegan in early 2018, announcing via his Instagram stories that he had joined the ‘V.gang’ Catchy.

According to The Cut the sixty year old superstar follows a super strict vegan macrobiotic diet which consists of cold pressed juices, fruits, vegetables and whole grains like quinoa.

Chris Smalling
Manchester United defender Chris Smalling also made it to the Vegan Celebs list and, his beloved dogs, Ruben and Miley, teamed up with PETA in 2018 to talk about the danger of leaving dogs inside parked cars in hot weather. Having decided to go vegan after watching documentaries, he’s now part of a growing list of plant-powered pro athletes, and he credits eating vegan with making him feel healthier.

Sadie Sink
Sadie, 16-year-old star of Stranger Things credits Woody Harrelson for opening her eyes to veganism when they worked on The Glass Castle together in 2017.

Jerome Flynn
The more mature readers may have fond memories of Flynn crooning as part of 90s musical duo, Robson and Jerome. Now better known for his exploits as sword wielding Bron in GOT, vegan Flynn made a video for Peta last month titled ‘The Truth Behind High Welfare and Free Range labels.’

Jehina Malik
Irrefutable proving that you don’t need animal protein to build muscle, bodybuilding champion Malik has been vegan since birth.

While the singer has implied she was only trying veganism on in the past, Mya told SOHH just this March that she is indeed currently living a fully vegan lifestyle — and that includes clothing. “It is a lifestyle for me and outside of just food, I’m practicing fashion and making sure I’m not wearing leather shoes and I have not worn furs since a long time ago.

I have to be very conscious when I’m making decisions and saying I’m vegan because I have to be about it all the way and now that has given me some thought into creating certain things like home décor.”

Tobey Maguire
Former Spider-Man Tobey Maguire seems to have developed a fondness for his fellow earth-dwelling creatures. The star shunned animal produce in favour of a vegan lifestyle in 2009.

Kat Von D
The tattoo artist and beauty entrepreneur has been a vegetarian for many years but decided to go vegan after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives. In 2015 she put misconceptions around a plant based diet to bed: “No, your hair won’t fall out – mines healthy and shiny as hell. No, your skin doesn’t turn yellow or gray – mine’s never looked as healthy as it does now. No, if you eat right, you won’t get all skinny and weak – I have plenty of boobs and ass, and I’M HYPER AS F*CK!”. She also announced last year that her cosmetics company, Kat Von D Beauty, would be going completely vegan with their formulas. 

Daniella Monet
Monet plays Trina Vega in Victorious on Nickelodeon, and also works as an young activist for PETA.

Superstar Sia has been a committed vegan since 2014. Last year, it was announced the singer would be joining the cast of vegan documentary, Dominion, alongside Rooney Mara and Joanquin Quin. Watch the full vegan documentary, Dominion here.

Bill Clinton
Former 42nd US President Bill Clinton was named PETA’s Person Of 2010 after he began promoting the benefits of vegan eating. He changed his own habits after an emergency heart surgery in 2010 which ultimately led him to becoming vegan, and thanks to the plant-based diet, he shed a whopping 24lbs. “I just decided that I was the high-risk person, and I didn’t want to fool with this anymore. And I wanted to live to be a grandfather. So I decided to pick the diet that I thought would maximize my chances of long-term survival,” he told AARP.

Alicia Silverstone
Although Silverstone initially adopted a vegan diet for animal-rights reasons, she said she was shocked at how much better she felt overall. “I ditched my asthma inhaler, stopped my weekly allergy shots, lost weight, and had a new glow from my skin and hair … this way of eating transformed me,” she said to Food & Wine.

Bryan Adams
Canadian-born rock star Bryan Adams has two very different sides to his life – making stadium anthems and crusading for Greenpeace and PETA. “I’ve made a conscious decision not to be part of the cycle of killing animals because I couldn’t see the point of crusading for Greenpeace and then eating a fish. Seriously, if you are going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk,” he said.

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Natalie Portman
Natalie feels so strongly about being vegetarian and vegan that she both produced and narrated a new documentary called Eating Animals, which raises questions about the people who raise and grow most of our food. When recently asked what inspired her activism she explained, “It’s outrageous. And it’s upsetting. And it’s our health, it’s our environment. And it’s our values.”

Drew Barrymore
One of our favourite Vegan Celebs, actress, author, producer, and entrepreneur has been a long-time vegetarian and animal rights activist. Her cosmetic line Flower Beauty is completely cruelty-free and when it came to filming her new Netflix comedy Santa Clarita Diet, where the characters develop a taste for humans, Barrymore refused to allow any real meat on set. Barrymore admitted that leading up to and during filming, she follows a strictly vegan diet.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande chose to take a completely began path in 2013. During an interview with the Mirror she said “I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding”. She does admit that eating out can be hard, but if you stick to what you know you’ll be OK.


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Such a huge pleasure to speak to delegates @oneyoungworld yesterday! You are all exceptional. But a huge shout out to those of you who watched the live stream. Perhaps you’re coming to climate activism for the first time. This is your planet and your fight too. We all start somewhere and we can ALL do better, including me. To have learnt what I have learnt about our world and then stay quiet would, in my opinion, be irresponsible. I won’t pretend that I am perfect, but I also won’t sit back while we all create a fake, idealistic world around ourselves and carry on as if everything is normal (Hi instagram) Each and every of us have a voice – it is what we chose to do with it that really matters x

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Ellie Goulding
Goulding has been vegetarian for years, and told The Cut in January that she was making the transition to veganism. “Once I fully understood where meat came from … I found that concept quite hard to live with. If you don’t need meat to survive, I don’t see why you have to have it. Also it makes you feel tired, it makes you feel lethargic, and your body finds it hard to process so much meat all the time,” she said.

Paul McCartney
We love you, Sir Paul, yeah, yeah, yeah. At 75, the vegan for more than 20 years looks younger than ever and can still bring stadiums to a rocking frenzy.

Mac Danzig
Also on the vegan celebs list, The King Of The Cage Lightweight Champion 2005, has been vegan since the age of 20 after working at an animal sanctuary in Pennsylvania.

Alanis Morissette
There’s nothing Ironic about Alanis Morissette’s eating habits. The singer/songwriter switched her diet to lose weight and feel happier. “I’m back to what I was born to be, at my best… I feel very alive… I have no more aches and pains, and my allergies are gone, too,” she said after giving up meat in 2009.

Jason Mraz
The singer lives on an avocado farm in San Diego, so it’s no surprise he’s committed to eating healthy. His vegan, raw food diet is something he adopted a couple years ago in support of a bandmate. “A guy in my band found out that he had type 2 diabetes and felt that the only way he could help himself was to go raw. I did it as a partner for him so it would be a little easier,” he told Vegetarian Times.

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